Why this season is different

How is this season different? If we look at points, it looks a pretty average season for Tottenham, hovering around the 4th/5th spot. But why are Tottenham being looked at in a different light from than in previous campaigns? And will they fail to reach the Champions League for a 6th season running?

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Should it be considered any differently?

Some could argue no as Spurs’ points tally is no huge sum compared to previous seasons. In fact, in all the past 7 seasons but one, they have either matched or exceeded the 26 points mark they currently have.

Previous season’s points at the same stage:


Spurs find themselves in no better position in the table than in other years so perhaps, the hype is all for nothing.

Yet it is a different team and manager

Spurs went into the wilderness during the period after Harry Redknapp departed from the club. Villas-Boas and Sherwood came and left for brief intervals and big-name signings were made for big prices but few lived up to their price-tag. Gareth Bale saved AVB and Emmanuel Adebayor arguably saved Sherwood, but not for long. But with Pochettino, Spurs have a manager for the future. His policy is a Spurs policy: one of fast-flowing, energetic attacking football with young, English players providing the core of his great philosophy.

Spurs have players who want to play their best and care about results and for the club. And the fans are behind the players, manager and chairman, exactly what they need if they wish to push for the Champions League alongside moving in to a new stadium.

Levy has given Pochettino full control of the transfers in the club, which he revealed in a Fans Q and A session which can be found on Spurs TV. He spoke of how Levy offered him the money to buy a fresh defensive-midfielder but Pochettino saw a player in Eric Dier and the rest is history, Dier a revelation and pushing his way into Hodgson’s plans for Euro 2016. A hugely inspired transfer was the one of Dele Alli, another bright and English prospect who has already played and scored for the England National Team. This is what the Spurs teams of past campaigns were missing – backbone and grit. Those two components have convinced the fans that the club can go all the way this season – and with other teams stalling, the Champions League is only just over the horizon.

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